Pragma Ventures

is a decentralized fund that focuses on supporting early-stage game-changing blockchain projects. We invest in cryptocurrency start-ups with talented teams who target disrupting specific niches of the blockchain space and aim to have real-world potential to enrich our daily life outside of blockchains. Our diversely skilled team comprises multiple talented professionals who can assist projects in a plethora of ways. Open-mindedness, creative thinking, and sincere enthusiasm are vital attributes that succinctly express our team’s colour and what we target to pursue daily.

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The #pragma preprocessor directive is a construct from the C++ programming language, which is used to change the execution order of the program. At Pragma, each member of our team works together as a preprocessor for early-stage blockchain startups. In line with the pragmas from C++, it is therefore our goal to have a profound and, most importantly, tangible impact on the execution of a project that we support. Specifically, we offer a comprehensive approach to support projects at different stages of their development. Expressly, full-stack support, advice, and technical guidance can provide our value-add for projects on every step of their product development.


The Investment Team

Founded in May 2021, our team consists of six multinational digital nomads. This includes two PhDs in Computer Science / Distributed Systems (including an established professor), three former partners of a top-tier VC based in Asia, as well as a marketing veteran having extensive experience under his belt. Our team comprises diverse professional backgrounds, with each of us having years of experience as blockchain enthusiasts. In particular, members of our team have extensive industrial experience from Microsoft Research, ARM Research, Bluezelle, Covalent as well as from professional quantitative hedge funds, all of which give us the capacity to assist our portfolio projects with even the most nuanced technical problems. Lastly, members of our team are based in Asia, North America and Europe.

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